Hello, I’m Bianca!

and I’m brazilian photographer living in London

In the beginning

I’m from Minas Gerais and as a child I had a life around shapes and colors. My parents where a great inspiration on my journey until here. Mom were a teacher for many years, so paper, paint and figures were common things for me. My father is a very talented man, everything he touches becomes art and this is how I was born full of possibilities to become a creative person .

The photography and me

When adolescence came around I found myself all over water painting and oil. For many years it was my fascination, until the day I’ve discovered the digital photography. It turned to be my instant painting. Started to shoot on my vacant hours and bit by bit friends and family began to ask for pictures at small events.

The weddings

To shoot weddings came to my life as a balm. On my first assignment felt in love and since then I went on a path to be an expert in the market of families and couples.
It’s the kind of photography that requires a different set of skills and abilities. Being around people, get sensitive about emotions, involved in the moment and their beloved ones in such special and intense day.
After ten years I still keep this passion, it’s a lifestyle.


My first international job was in the US in 2012, since then I’ve been on the Greek Islands, Malta and England, where I live with my love and kids.
Nowadays my time is divided between England and Greek, where I photograph Brazilian couples and from all around the world.

In the land of the gods

Santorini and its landscapes got my heart, it’s love at first sight. I decided to be and specialist on wedding in the island.
My work outstands just because I’m in love with arts, culture and Greece. Time brought me experience and experience taught me all the great spots in the island. With me my clients get images at locations that they would hardly get without someone who understands their language, that knows the people and its unusual habits.
Many people come to and ask “why Greece?” my only answer is: have you ever seen that tone of blue in the sky anywhere else?! IT’S GORGEOUS!